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We at MY ZEAL IT Solutions have had a startling expedition since our foundation. We have received plenty of awe-inspiring testimonials, feedback, and suggestions. The best thing about testimonials is that they build trust and help overcome skepticism as they are not our “voice” but the unbiased thoughts of the clients. Here’s the anthology of some of the best testimonials we’ve received. If you have an experience to share please do.




Working with MY ZEAL IT has been a very good experience. They provide a great level of professionalism and work ethics, from project introduction, to project management, to development and support. We are looking forward to continue working with them.


You have been some of the best people I have ever worked with. At times I needed many different things changed and I made some mistakes in telling you what I wanted. You never complained; in fact, you made the changes and worked to great effect. We will definitely be working with each other again.


MY ZEAL IT not only did what we asked, but also assisted in finding the best possible way to implement the functionality. They are very proficient and methodical. I look forward to a long standing relationship with MY ZEAL IT.


I was literally amazed by the quality and amount of work MY ZEAL IT delivered in my very limited budget. I got the exact desired output; in fact, even more, including things whose requirement I hadn’t even realized at the onset.


Sharad and his team at MY ZEAL IT gave their best short to our contentment and delivered an end product that was in-sync with our onset requirements. We will definitely hire MY ZEAL IT again for our future development needs.

Joshua Miller

The team at MY ZEAL IT was given a complex project for a lesser-known industry. The early stages required some education on the nature of how our business works, but they were able to produce a quality product in the end. They adhered to good protocols and were always professional to work with.


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