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MY ZEAL IT develops and assigns various engagement models in accordance with the varied and dynamic business needs of our venerated clients across the sphere. The specialty of our engagement models is its flexibility to incur the constant changing enterprise requirements which help clients cut operational costs and gain control over their business. Our flexible engagement models provide value proposition for both — our clients and us. We have engagement models that provide fixed price & fixed time with more flexibility, competitive hourly rates with quick delivery, dedicated resources, extended virtual office with ZERO overhead cost.

Time & Material

The engagement model of MY ZEAL IT appoints fixated resource which is definitely an effective and convenient way of cutting cost on recruiting internal workforce for a short extent project. Moreover, hiring a dedicated developer team based upon the project requirement is undoubtedly beneficial for the clients and their business, because in that way, clients have more control over the team and implementation activities.

Fixed Price & Fixed Time

MY ZEAL IT follows a process-oriented engagement model that works on ‘Fixed Price Fixed Time’ approach. Our engagement model offers high flexibility and benefits to our potential clients, giving them a rigid understanding of what needs to be developed. In addition, this model is also admired by the clients who are not interested to participate in the execution process on micro level.

Partner With Us

Our engagement models welcome IT companies, Web Application Development Companies, Mobile Apps Solutions Companies, IT Consultants & Individuals who are willing to have partnership with us. We offer Outsourcing Partnership, Project Based Partnership, and Become Project Representative Partnership options. Through our engagement models, we impart hard work with profits and are ready to share together what we work together.

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