IT Consulting

Technology is evolving very fast today and so as the business, therefore; new challenges are coming every day. To survive these challenges enterprises needs help from experts. We at MY ZEAL IT Solutions provide IT consulting for the benefit of individuals and enterprises to thrive the hurdles coming in their path of business.

Independent Quality Controls Service

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Realizing the importance of Quality of application, MY ZEAL IT offers Independent Testing Services for Web Applications & Mobile Apps including Component & Unit Testing Services, Functional Testing Services, Performance Testing Services, Usability Testing Services, Security Testing, Compatibility Testing and System Testing Services. We have dedicated Testing & QA lab well equipped with latest Testing Tools through which our software testers perform various testing cycle

Incubation Services

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Startup companies face many challenges during the time of starting their business. Availability of Sufficient Cash Flow, Human Resource, Infrastructure etc. are some of the most significant challenges a Startup Company has to face to sustain in the business. MY ZEAL IT helps Startups and work with them to nurture their dreams and convert their ideas into big ventures. We assist them with funding and other infrastructural & technological challenges which they are facing during the business.

Remote Infra Management

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The competition in economic environment needs focus on efficiency. MY ZEAL IT Solutions helps enterprises in facing the growing expectations to create business value with limited resources. Our Remote Infrastructure Management Services include Server Management & Administration, Application Maintenance & Support, and Database Management & Architecture Review. We also provide Support Desk for Technical, After Sales & Presales management.

Online Staffing & Consulting

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Maintaining a well trained staff is a challenge for any company. It is very hard to find skilled professionals who have expertise in delivering quality applications along with adequate management skills. MY ZEAL IT provides Staff Augmentation Services to help clients develop, & manage web & mobile applications. With our Staffing & Recruitment Services we provide you skilled resources with cost savings. You will get dedicated Onsite Support which will help you in improving your business quality and profits.

Business Intelligence Solutions

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In business there could be situations where the company can be confused in making a decision. For more customers and promotion a business needs proper guidance. MY ZEAL IT Solutions provides Business Intelligence Solutions to the clients for helping them in earning their business needs. We offer solutions with technologies using Salesforce, IBM Cognos, and IBM SPSS. We have expertise in providing services like KPI Reporting & Analysis, Data Warehousing, Performance Management, Migration etc.

Project Management Services

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Managing the business is a very difficult task; if the projects are managed properly the business works hassle free. Project management involves so many arrangements and other tasks which need to be taken care of. We at MY ZEAL IT Solutions undertake client’s projects and help them in managing the coordination and work process. We plan out the work for clients and then help them in executing the work accordingly. MY ZEAL IT also offers time to time maintenance of the work.


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