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ADShout — Mobile App for Advertising

ADShout is an android based mobile app for easy browsing and posting of ads. It is definitely a useful mobile app especially in today’s show business world. You may be running any business but to give it body and soul, online publicity & advertising is mandate. ADShout is your friend, philosopher, guide providing you a platform, wherein you can present your products & services to the outside world.

The Need

ADShout is undeniably the need of the hour. It is a user-interactive and customized mobile app that gives it an edge over other similar mobile apps in the market. Users can login following a few easy steps and then they can either search for ads or post their own ads. The users can filter the ad listing by “Ads Near Me” option, which allows the users to mention the distance (in KMs) for relevant ads. When the user clicks on an "Ad image", he/she is directed to the second page carrying all the details (additional images, price, and description). While posting ads, the users have to fill a detailed form and submit relevant images. They have to select the time span of an ad and categories or sub-categories. Ads can be edited by the user anytime without too many steps involved in the process.


  • Easy User Login and Registration
  • Ad Filtering by "Ads Near Me"
  • Setting Ad Run-Time
  • Ad Detail Management (Image, Description, and Price)
  • Special User Favorite Section
  • Push Notation
  • Ad Category Management (Post Ads with Categories and Sub-Categories)
  • Ad Management (Edit or Delete Ads)
  • Advanced Ad Search Module
  • Home Screen Navigation Implementation
  • Detailed Ad Posting Screen
  • Ad & User Profile Edit options
  • Ad Listing Management


  • Android Native
  • PHP
  • Core Java
  • XML
  • JSON






Toll Free: 1-800-647-3020

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