5 Essential Mobile App Development Tools

Today, small is big! At least, that’s what the digital age customers have to say. Don’t underestimate the power of small screen sizes and its potential to draw customers. If you do not have your website optimized for mobile devices, it’s high time you should follow suit what other business owners are doing. We have way passed that time when mobile apps were treated as a luxury. It’s a need now. This new trend has opened up new opportunities for mobile app developers. It has become much more complicated and challenging than ever. It is not easy to satisfy customers these days. Let’s share the burden. Here we are sharing our knowledge of some of the finest mobile app development tools to help you with your project-in-hand.

Five Essential Mobile App Development Tools-

  1. AppGyver: If you want speed, this is the tool you should use. AppGyver is comprised of Prototyper and Steroids. The Prototyper helps in prototyping i.e. creating mockups and testing new app ideas. The Steroid, on the other hand, helps in building PhoneGap apps using familiar web development technologies.
  2. Appscend: Almost anything is possible with Appscend. Cross platform development, user retention and advanced interactivity, app analytics, application lifecycle management, app monetization, ready to run apps are only a few things you can achieve with this tool. It is trusted by leading companies.
  3. EclipseSource Tabris: Java Developers get ready to jump in the mobile app development project with Tabris. It is Java toolkit used for developing hybrid mobile apps. Using standard JavaEE technology you can create an application on a server. Native clients act as a player for the app’s user interface.
  4. DreamFactory Services Platform: An open source platform setting the stage for HTML5 application development without the need for any server-side software development. DreamFactory services are delivered for BLOB Storage, NoSQL and user management. The tool can be installed in any data center or on the cloud.
  5. Embarcadero RAD Studio XE4: RAD Studio XE 4, Embarcadero’s multi-device helps create true native apps for Windows, Mac, and iOS with one source code base. It makes it easy to build script free true native apps for multiple devices that exposes the capabilities and performance in the underlying devices to its fullest.

Simplifying the Development Process-

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