6 Emerging Web Application Development Trends for 2019

Web development technologies and trends have witnessed phenomenal changes over the last decade, evolving rapidly from its traditional form to a highly advanced future technology. With more and more people having access to the high-speed internet and smart tools to connect with web facilities, the need for effective web applications is also becoming a priority for businesses in order to provide enhanced user experience (UI) to their customers. And to satisfy the growing expectations of the users and to keep themselves ahead in the competition, businesses must adapt rapidly to the latest technology trends. And as we enter the year 2019, here are the 6 emerging technology trends with a huge potential to influence the web application development in the near future.

Smarter Chatbots with AI Integration

We all know that chatbots have been part of the web technology for the past many years, however chatbots in use today are more powerful and smarter than ever. We have already seen chatbots converse and solve the queries of consumers like any real human support executive would do. With the emergence of AI (Artificial Intelligence) on the scene, these chatbots can interact with the users in a more effective way and solve their queries taking contextual and intuitive references. Come 2019, these chatbots will offer you better recommendations by analyzing your spending habits. In fact, chatbots based on AI are going to be an integral part of all e-commerce web development technologies owing to their improved ability to understand and respond to live speech of human beings.

Video Content And Designs

Video content and design integration in websites have slowly been gaining attention of web developers as these are more prominent and appealing to the consumers. Further, it enables businesses to present their products and services to their target consumers in a much better way, and thus significantly increase the conversion rate and ROI.

In fact, it has been found (as per some available stats) that video content can boost CTR by 200-300% and push sales by 64 to 85%. Additionally, it’s predicted that majority of online stores will incorporate video content and backgrounds in their websites by 2020. Another emerging trend is the rising popularity of live video engagements with 300% more potential in comparison to normal videos.

Progressive Web Apps

Though a new term in the web development space, progressive web apps are fast being integrated into advanced websites. Resembling native mobile apps in looks and act, progressive web apps combine the benefits of mobile experience along with the features of browser technology. Further, these web apps load almost instantly and can work offline as well, and thus promising improved user engagements and experience. Today, the technology is dominating the web development trend with companies like Amazon and The Washington Post utilizing it to better user engagement and conversions.

Motion UI Design

Motion UI is a stand-alone SASS library designed to help web developers create custom UI animations and prototype their designs. Motion design has the potential to incorporate a number of elements into it, including text, illustrations, images, 3D objects and videos to name a few. When implemented properly, motion graphics can drastically improve user engagements on a website. It means that the technology can bring the digital products to life and in turn help businesses engage their customers in an effective and useful way.

Single Page Websites

A single page website is a long one HTML page with full information of the respective website, enabling users to browse the whole page without clicking any other web link. This user-friendly website saves visitors from browsing complex navigation menu and thus their time. Moreover, single page websites will work perfectly with mobile platforms and can help businesses save on development and hosting costs.

Voice User Interfaces

Voice user interface is another exciting web application development trend nowadays with developers aiming to make the voice interaction as intuitive as possible. With the growing popularity of voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri, conversational interfaces are fast becoming an integral part of web development technologies. Soon, users won’t need to memorize complex commands to use advanced web features and can leverage voice services to perform these specific tasks. As a result, web development companies are fast adopting VUI in web applications to offer an enhanced user experience to the visitors.

Final Thoughts

The above mentioned web development trends are likely to dominate the year 2019 with the primary focus to improve user experience (UI). For developers, it will require more than basic development skills and so they must update their skills and knowledge-base to meet this technological challenge. MYZEAL IT Solution, a leading web development company in USA with an expert web development team, provides cutting-edge web development services to its clients all over the world.