Offshore Development Centre

Offshore Development Centre

Established as a highly effective business model, the Offshore Development Center (ODC) helps organizations lower operating expenses significantly by leveraging talent offshore. Our ODC engagement model allows companies to focus on their core business functions while we handle all the technical complexities.

MYZEAL I.T. Solutions is a leading software development company specializing in delivering cutting-edge IT solutions to clients using the ODC business model. We have a world-class offshore development center in India and local project management teams in Southern California, US to help our customer leverage the benefits of outsourcing to the fullest.

Our Offshore Development Centre model is highly admired by the people who love to interact with the developers at micro level of execution and development. In addition, it also facilitates our clients with daily report and orientation with our expert squad. Our adept workforce always makes us proud by matching the pace with client’s clock and expectations.

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Free Estimate Tool


We have customized solutions for your ease to get your process done.

Specification Hourly Fixed Bid
Team Building Custom – Client approved candidates Standard Team
Reporting Daily Weekly
Team Size Flexible as per client requirement Fixed as per Project Plan
Payments Weekly Milestone based paid in advance
Responsibility MYZEAL and Client POC MYZEAL
Development Methodology Agile / DevOps
(Can be customized as per client needs)
Agile / DevOps
Team working time zone Based on client project needs 8 hours daily
Between 9:30 PM PT – 10 AM PT
Project Manager Dedicated/Shared
(billed to the client)
(billed in the fixed bid)
Project Size Medium to Large Project size Startup to small projects
Project Requirement Evolving and changing as per client needs and
Fixed as per the project plan
Average Team size 2 – 4 developers, 1 Lead
(Can grow as per project needs)
As per the project plan and bid

Know The Cost Of Your App Instantly.

Free Estimate Tool
Free Estimate Tool

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Know The Cost Of Your App Instantly.

Free Estimate Tool
Free Estimate Tool

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