Backend Engineer (New York, USA)

Backend Engineer (New York, USA)

Backend Engineer (New York, USA) – MZIT-18-US-0111

MYZEAL IT Solutions is an 8+ years old Southern California based IT Company which offers customized IT solutions for The Web and Mobile Apps to its US clients. We provide end to end solutions for our clients from Recruitment (US based) to entire product development in all major technologies ranging from Microsoft Technologies (.NET, C#, SharePoint etc.), Open Source (PHP, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.), Mobile Technologies (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile etc.), Salesforce and Congo’s.


Ideally, looking for people that have experience working in a regulated field, or a field that requires more security precautions than normal – healthcare, obviously, but also banking, crypto, places where personal information is stored and shared.


In the language/framework’s world, someone with any of the following would probably be a good candidate: Ruby on Rails, Python/Django, JavaScript/Node, and Java/Scala/Go.


Want to look for people that have experience in the deploying and use of the infrastructure their software lives on – AWS, Heroku. Less important what that infrastructure is and more that they were involved in using it. Some sort of indicator that they worked on the design of data storage – whether that’s SQL or something else, needs to be evident. Ideally, worked on a product at an early stage, or can point to a specific feature they built from start to finish.

Job Details

  • Designation: Backend Engineer
  • Relevant Experience : 8+ Years
  • Salary: Open
  • Working Days :
  • Location: New York
  • Shift Timing : Days Shift
  • Posted : 27 September 2018
  • Key Skills: Ruby on Rails, Python/Django, JavaScript/Node, Java/Scala/Go.