Top 5 Resources to Create a Robust Mobile Application

In the world where everyone is going app crazy, it ultimately becomes of the utmost importance to get a mobile application developed for your business irrespective of its class or vertical. And since the mobile application development is one of the most sought-after and pivotal arenas which is helping the businesses to achieve the desired growth at large, in this competitive market, it becomes more important to get such an app development practice which can transform your business to another level.

Creating a robust app with guaranteed ROI is the dream of every businessman and the company behind it but there’s no such recipe for an app development with flying colors. Albeit there are few things one should always have in mind while he’s on the deck of development viz., interface i.e. look and feel and the functionality that majorly plays an important role in the apps’ success. A robust mobile app is what stays longer in your targeted user mass. For instance, WhatsApp is one such app with its easy to use features and engaging functionality has made it most popular among all other instant messaging application.

A mobile app should have three major components to be taken care well before it hits the store, design, functionality and problem addressability. Always remember, if your app is designed well on its UI/UX part then there are more chances of lasting it long in a device even if the person actually doesn’t need it. The second major point that needs your attention is the engagement of the user with your application, the more will be the user engagement the lesser will be the chances of losing your customer. Third and the most vital approach is the problem addressability, if there is a problem of nursing and medical aid in an area then getting an app developed for all the medical related facility doesn’t give the solution to the concerned mass but create a dependability as well.

Here in this blog, we will discuss some of the most reliable and handy resources that will aid you to develop a mobile app for dream success with amazing designs.

1. Lookback. A tool that gives you an access to trace, how your app was really used by the people and their experience so that you can come up with better solutions and eye-pleasing designs.

2. Android App Patterns. Confined to the Android Operating System, this website lets you access more than 1600 UI patterns across 31 business verticals which can help you with designing an amazing application.

3. Tether. it is a complete designing kit by InVision with more 250 components and 8 PS document files that can prove out handy for your app designing process.

4. Pttrns. A generalized library designed and developed with over 2900 iPad and iPhone UI patterns, having more than 2 million views per month. A true inspiration for designing an amazing iPhone app UI which can also be utilized for Android too.

5. iOS Fonts. a library of more than 250 fonts with live preview option gives you an access to use them in your custom-made iPad or iPhone application.

Bonus A great UI comes up with the great graphics and photos that are competent to attract your target user base. Getting good quality stock photos for your app is really a big challenge and you have to pay a considerable price to them but Unsplash offers you royalty-free high-resolution images for free.


There is a slew of guides for creating a better mobile application but all it takes a logic and in-depth analysis of the targeted user base to create the same. A robust mobile application is made up of precise addressability of problems and their solution with an easy to use navigation that can assist the user to access the entire application without hindrance. Utilizing aforementioned resources and these micro tips can turn out to be a magical recipe for your app success.