Top Five Strategies To Create A Strong Mobile UX

In the world where mobile phones have invaded our lives up to a greater extent, we can’t overlook their importance and dependability. No one can deny that fact that this trend will continue and competition will get evolved with time.

According to market reports from Yahoo, a considerable amount of time is spent on mobile apps around 90% and merely 10% on browsers. Americans have replaced their TV addiction with mobile apps. Hence this report can suggest how tough is it to stand to affirm in this highly competitive market of mobile app space.

Irrespective of the domains and verticals of the business and other errands, we are witnessing the flood of apps that are coming all the way. Gone are the days when only tech giants have an access to these mobile app development platforms, now every business is getting app savvy, be it a startup or mid-level enterprise or a globally recognized company.

Mobile apps have become the most elegant way to reach to your customer base with an assurance to convert them into a physical value generating customer. An application that’s designed and developed with a customer-centric approach will always have your potential customer in the ques. Now let’s discuss what makes an app a magical boon to your business.

To keep up your pace and remain in the race of modern day business acquisition, all you need an app with an optimal user experience and this will surely turn out to be the most fruitful step in your success. A mobile UX Design is the most primary yet the most important feature of an app which has a potential to make or break your targeted customer base. An unfavorable UX to the user can lead your application to the trash or uninstallation since user nowadays is equipped with numerous options available in the market.

There can be variations in the designs of an app as per their forte but there are few things that remain fundamental. Mobile UX Designing is one of those fundamental tactics which can’t be compromised if you want to create an app that can drive the users to your business.

Here are the five most vital strategies for creating a strong UX when designing any kind of mobile app.

1. Analyzing the Market

This is one of the most important strategies for the fundamentals of an app designing company. An in-depth analysis of your target audience can help you to create a better app and thus retaining more revenue. You may choose some leading influencers to get a sneak peek at the latest trends of the app industry and research about the ongoing trends in the market.

Another possible way is to closely watch out or to read the case studies of your major competitors in order to get an insight about the loopholes of the existing applications in the market. Launching beta version of your app and trying it on diverse audience mass before launching the actual version can also prove out to be handy since you’d get to know where and what you need to improvise and you may also get a chance to explore a new audience.

2. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

This is one of those most crucial aspects of Mobile App Designing which can take you to the next level of UX designing. The simpler the app the better the User’s experience. Always intend to make your application simple and easier to navigate from the very first screen of your app which should have all the clear features from the first screen. Appropriate menu placement can also prove helpful to the user.

Keeping your menus organized and a simple way to navigate to the previous or the home screen allures users more than anything.

3. Engagement is the key

Keeping your user engaged with your application is the real challenge. The more is user engagement, the more will be the chances of your app staying longer. Watch out the in-app analytics to find out the rooms for the users to get engaged in your apps.

Pro-tip: it’s relatively easier to keep a user attract to a new area of creativity than of the existing apps.

Work upon the least engaged areas of an existing app and create some tweaks to attract the user by adding more values to it. Cut the portion which leads to the high bounce rate of your app and starts over.

Push notifications for all the new features and updates can bring the real success of your app.

4. Battery Optimized App Designs

Always create a design with minimal battery consumption since nobody wants an app that drains their battery fast. Battery draining applications get the most instant adieu than that of with optimized battery solutions.

A battery saver technology where the app uses less inbuilt features of the phone should be incorporated.

5. The Golden Rule of 80/20

The 80% effect comes from the 20% causes as stated by an Italian economist and the same is true for the UX app designing. According to the reports, 20% features of an app are generally responsible for 80% results.

This implies that a mobile app designing company or an app designer should keep this fact in mind while designing an application. Focusing majorly on 20% of the essential features of an app can bring them more desired results.

For instance, a US based company creates a drop-down menu that asks for the user’s country of residence and list the countries alphabetically and the United States is selected 80% of the total selection. Shouldn’t the company consider breaking the alphabetical listing and placing the US first? This would improve the User experience and save time.


Mobile is an integral part of our lives nowadays. To keep up the pace in the race of mobile app market and retention one must have to follow the above-mentioned strategies to create a strong mobile app UX.

The stronger UX means the lasting app installations. Implying the aforementioned strategies can bring out the real change in your mobile app development project. Keep them in mind for all future app UX designs.