Will Augmented Reality Change the World of Gaming?

All gaming enthusiasts must have heard about ‘Augmented Reality (AR)’ but only a few would be aware of its immense potential to influence and even transform their gaming experiences, something they would’ve never imagined or heard of before. With its capabilities to bring the real world and virtual reality together, AR enables gamers to experience unimaginable excitements and thrills of gaming through AR headsets and screens of our smartphones or PCs. Although the technology has been around us for many years, it received the due attention of the public only after the advent of the high-end Android and iOS smartphones that came equipped with digital cameras, GPS and AR capability.

Here are three signs showing how AR can change the gaming industry!

  1. Augmented Reality is Synonymous with Gaming

The very thought of entering into the virtual world as a character to save friends, or capture Pokémon Go fills gamers with excitements and thrills. As a result, game developers have been working on new innovative ways to introduce players into the virtual worlds of games. Over the years, many innovations in gaming technology have added 360-degree views of more realistic environments and haptic feedback through controls. Augmented Reality takes this technology a step further and can make the gamers thrilled about the fantasy world they are in. Pokémon Go is one such perfect example of AR that helps Pokémon interact with the real world. It just requires you to have a smartphone and AR headset to capture fantastical characters (like Pokémon), fight aliens or even defend a kingdom in the enhanced real world.

  1. Augmented Reality is the Future of Gaming Apps

If you believed that Augmented Reality (AR) is something similar to Virtual Reality (VR), think again. While VR creates a totally artificial environment, AR enhances the player’s existing environment and overlays real-world locations and objects on the top of it, thus creating a truly amazing experience. Indeed, AR takes your gaming experience to a whole new level and the technology has been well accepted by gamers worldwide, leading to huge demand for augmented reality apps. Further, the easy accessibility of premium smartphones with pre-calibrated AR and motion tracking features is expected to provide a huge boost to the technology. And this is the reason why everyone from fans and game developers to industry players is convinced about the capabilities of AR to influence and change the gaming industry in a big way, and that too in the immediate future.

  1. Growing Popularity of Multiplayer Games

The growing popularity of multiplayer AR games among players, which synchronize multiple devices to the same real-world coordinates, has provided further impetus to gaming apps industry. Apple’s newly launched fast-action multiplayer games such as Galaga AR and SwiftShot are sure to take Augmented Reality gaming experience to the next level.  Moreover, AR multiplayer games are also finding their ways to Facebook Messenger video chat. Games such as Beach Bump, in which players pass a beach ball back and forth, and Kitten Kraze, a matching cat game, are already adding to the users’ experience.


There is no doubt that Augmented Reality technology is going to influence the gaming as well as the mobile industry in a significant way. Prominent mobile phones manufacturers, including Apple and Samsung, as well as game developers, have already embraced AR technology into their games, and it can be safely assumed that AR technology is going to be the future of the gaming industry.